Have you ever wondered — what is authenticity anyway?

Something that people often say is— it is not practical to be authentic. After all I cannot just blurt out whatever I feel like!

Yes. It is probably best if we did not just blurt out whatever we feel like! That…

Few days ago, I was responding to someone’s question about a certain choice I made. As I began to explain, I was met with knowing nods, recounting of similar choices, and a lot of advice.

I really appreciated the care, but none of it was really relevant to me!



A word that pops up in new age circles often, and generates many raging debates. A word that triggers us in many different ways. A word that we say with many different meanings.

You did a bad thing. But I have a thick skin and it does not affect…

We love attributing sinister motives to systems and to people who created them.

We don’t see that intention and impact are not the same thing. And that confusion between the two is more common, and more reason for strife, than we might suspect.

Recently I came across this statement about…

There is inherent wisdom in our fear.

Often, we avoid conflict in the fear of that it will worsen the relationship. And usually, there is truth in that fear.

We have a sense that in the face face of conflict, we will get defensive, we will shut down, we will…

Growth, evolution, transformation — these words are easily thrown around today. Yet do we mean the same thing when we say those words?

What is growth anyway? And how do we distinguish between skills acquisition and growth?

The metaphor that I have found most compelling is as follows.

Skills acquisition…

There is intelligence in emotions. They tell stories about what is important to us, and, what is possible for us. If we dare to traverse the depths, we transmute our emotions towards that potential.

Transmuting emotions, is the process of harnessing intelligence in emotions. The process of moving from contraction…

I have a problem with the term “mental health’’.

That the term “mental health’’, ever so subtly, insinuates that anxiety, grief, sadness, disappointment, are sicknesses. That the only emotions healthy to experience, are the “positive” ones.

We have a positivity culture that is relentless in its message. You are successful…

“The unconscious in you is bothered by the unconscious in others.”

When I started getting coached (and learning how to coach), one of the first practices that my coach gave me, was to ask every time I was triggered / bothered / annoyed : “How could it be that it…

EQ courses do not raise EQ.

They do however raise awareness of EQ.

Chances are that when you send an employee to an EQ or personal development workshop, they come back and rave about how amazing it was, and all the realisations they had about themselves! …

Chinmayee Somaiya

Explorer of consciousness. Seeker of deep connections. Dreamer of a wholesome world. Coach. Facilitator. Mum.

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