Have you ever wondered — what is authenticity anyway?

Something that people often say is— it is not practical to be authentic. After all I cannot just blurt out whatever I feel like!

Yes. It is probably best if we did not just blurt out whatever we feel like! That…

Growth, evolution, transformation — these words are easily thrown around today. Yet do we mean the same thing when we say those words?

What is growth anyway? And how do we distinguish between skills acquisition and growth?

The metaphor that I have found most compelling is as follows.

Skills acquisition…

There is intelligence in emotions. They tell stories about what is important to us, and, what is possible for us. If we dare to traverse the depths, we transmute our emotions towards that potential.

Transmuting emotions, is the process of harnessing intelligence in emotions. The process of moving from contraction…

I have a problem with the term “mental health’’.

That the term “mental health’’, ever so subtly, insinuates that anxiety, grief, sadness, disappointment, are sicknesses. That the only emotions healthy to experience, are the “positive” ones.

We have a positivity culture that is relentless in its message. You are successful…

Chinmayee Somaiya

Explorer of consciousness. Seeker of deep connections. Dreamer of a wholesome world. Coach. Facilitator. Mum.

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